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The choirs at Clovis Elementary are a place for students of diverse interests and backgrounds to come together to sing for their community and represent their school. The Concert Choir has a history of Superior Performance ratings and performs five times throughout the school year, both on and off-campus.  Concert Choir meets twice a week for 45 minutes during the school day at the following times.

Tuesday Part A 1:50-2:30, Part B 2:30-3:10,

Friday Part A 8:30-9:15, Part B 9:15-10 

The Clovis Connection is recognized District-Wide as the “go-to” Elementary performance choir for special District Events, such as the Crystal Awards. This group is a select choir for outstanding students chosen for their academic standing, hardworking attitude, and talent as a performer. Clovis Connection meets at the following times in addition to the times listed above.

Tuesday 1:20-1:50

Wednesday 1:10-1:40

Being in choir requires a commitment from each singer to attend all rehearsals and performances, and to be disciplined and model good behavior at all times. As we work and grow together, we become interdependent. Each voice and personality makes a difference! We ask that you help your children to honor this commitment throughout the year by making sure they’re prepared for each of their performances.

*Parents are always welcome to volunteer for the choir program after going through a background check. Please contact the office or Ms. Braswell for further information about how to get involved