Jaguars at CHS Homecoming

Jaguars at CHS Homecoming

October 13, 2014 at 2:12 PM

  Our elementary students were on cloud 9 at the CHS Homecoming.  Here are a few pics we took of the festivities.  I'll attach more in another photo 4.JPGemail  and we will develop some pictures and bring them to your schools.  They were SOOOOO excited to be at CHS from the moment we got here to Halftime when we left.  They were on their best behavior, were respectful, and represented each school well. 


Here is a rundown of Friday:

-After school, we picked up students at their sites.  Some had games, some came right after school. 


-In our office, we got snacks, played some games, had a talent show, passed out shirts and pom poms, and got face stickers (thanks CHS).  The kids also each explained why they were chosen to represent their school.  Their explanations were about leadership, improvement, being a role model, etc....pretty good stuff!


-We got a tour of the floats and met some CHS students and staff.  One student exclaimed "I can't wait to be in high school!" others were telling each other what clubs they were going to be in up here. 


-We then went to the Activities Department where the kids ate like royalty WITH the royalty.  Their behavior was exceptional.  They were calm, respectful and told Mrs. Carpenter "Thank You" upon leaving.  A huge thanks to Stacy and Patti for that experience.  They also got a group picture taken by Larson Bros. 


-We then took our positions in line at the start of the parade.  Students held signs representing their schools and shook their pom poms.  They were excited, awaiting our turn in the parade.  When we walked, pride beamed through them.  Many of their parents were in the stands taking pictures and video.  One mom called us just hours before the parade began and said her other son just surprised them by coming home from duty in the military.  He attended the parade and was proud of his little brother.  When his brother (John from Weldon) saw him in the stands during the parade, he was ecstatic.  They took that opportunity to surprise him and caught it all on camera. 


photo 2.JPG- It was a rush for them to participate.  They then ran to their positions in the front row of the stands to watch the rest of the game.  We hung out with the Cougie, visited the snack bar, danced to the music and cheered for the cougars until half time.  Kalvin from Sierra Vista turned around midway through the 2nd quarter and yelled "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" The kids around him agreed.  They high fived, hugged, and shared stories with one another.  They were all high on life the entire time! 


-At half time, some parents picked up their kids and thanked us for giving their child such a positive experience.  It was the first time many of the families had gone to a CHS football game too.  For the other students, we took them all home.  We asked what their favorite part of the night was.  Nicholai from Jefferson said, "All those touchdowns!"  When I asked if there was another favorite part, he said "All those amazing people I met... Are we going to be able to do this again next Friday?"